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Smuggler Mountain Residence part II

We recently caught up with Robert Sinclair for part two of the Smuggler Mountain Residence project. After 9 months of shoring up the mountainside for construction, the house is framed out. One of several design elements featured throughout the project are steel cantilevers that, as Rob describes it, allows the house from the front to appear to be almost floating on the mountainside.

cantilevered space

cantilevered space2

The corner living room featured above on the second floor, literally does “float” out in mid-air.

We were awed by the expansive southwest views of Aspen Mountain and the Roaring Fork Valley on our first visit and it’s incredible to get a sense now, with the frame up, of just how unobstructed those views will remain.


Sliding glass floor to ceiling windows is another element featured throughout the home. The ones framed out above in the living room will be 11 feet high.


A 6 foot double-sided see through fireplace will be the centerpiece between the living and dining rooms and creating a flow of movement between 2 rooms that echoes the movement between the outdoor and indoor living spaces. (The above shot is looking back towards the front door of the home).


A view of the stairwell from the third floor down to the first; again the seamless movement of space this time between the 3 levels of the home.

master bathroom

The master bath, this view from the interior looking out onto the master terrace’s fireplace, will feature switchable glass for privacy.


The exterior of the house will be covered in a beautiful sandstone and cedar wood, we absolutely cannot wait to see the completed residence.

A very sincere thank you to Rob and the whole team at Robert G. Sinclair Architecture for allowing us another glimpse at this spectacular project and we very much look forward to seeing the completed residence.

Enjoy, and please mention Scout sent you.